2017-2018 School Year

Band Camp

OPHS Marching Band: Mvt. 1 - "Mars" (Band Camp Runthrough 8/2/17)

Field Perfomances

Middle School Band Night (8/25/17)
Home Game #2: Mars (9/22/17)
Home Game #3: Mars and Venus (10/13/17)
Comp #1: Royal Classic 2017 (10/14/17)
(#1 2A Division: 60.50 Overall, #1 High Percussion: 74.00)

Home Game #4: "The Planets" (10/20/17)
Comp #2: SVHS Band Spectacular (10/28/17)
(#2 2A Division, #1 High Percussion.)
Comp #3: MP BOTB (11/11/17)
(#4 2A Division)
The Planets: Full Season Mashup (Created by Bob Emrich)

Fall Concert

OPHS Wind Ensemble performs "Star Trek" Arranged by Michael Giacchino.
OPHS Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony perform "Pirates At World's End" from "Pirates of the Caribbean".
OPHS Strings perform"Schindler's List" from "Schindler's list". 
OPHS Wind Ensemble performs "Forest Battle" from "Return of the Jedi".
OPHS Wind Ensemble and Strings group perform the "Forest Group Feather Theme".
OPHS Wind Ensemble play "Leia's Theme" from "A New Hope".
OPHS Wind Ensemble and Strings group play "Lord of the Rings".

Winter Concert

Wind Ensemble: First Suite in Eb - Gustav Holst
Wind Ensemble: Sleigh Ride - Leroy Andreson
Wind Ensemble: Shepherd's Hey - Percy Grainger
Strings: Autumn - Vivaldi
Strings: Carol of the Bells - Leontovych
Strings: Palladio - Karl Jenkins
Concert Band: Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart
Concert Band: Genius March - Harold Bennett
Concert Band: Rhythmos - Robert W. Smith
Wind Symphony: Greensleves - Henry VIII
Wind Symphony: Wonderworld - Ilari Hylkila
Wind Symphony: Bandology - Eric Osterling

Winter Jazz

Jazz B: Happy Birthday Mr. Borquez!

In The Mood - Glenn Miller: Feat. Jessica Conway, Katie Trux, Alex Wierenga.

Gentle Rain - Luiz Bonfa: Feat. Alex Wierenga, Arvind Murthy.

Jazz B: Road Song - Wes Montgomery, Terry White: Feat. - Zachary Robinson, Daniel Conway, Katie Trux, Alex Wierenga.

Jazz A: Moten Swing - Count Basie:
Feat - Ethan Chiu, Sam Heller, Sean Greenfield.
Jazz A: Cottontail - Duke Ellington:
Feat -  Sean Greenfield, Sam Heller, Nate Trux, Ethan Chiu.
Jazz A: Misty - Erroll Garner: Feat - Ellis Song, Aviv Maish. 
Jazz A & Jazz Choir: Stuff Like That There - Jay Livingston.
Jazz A: I Thought About You - Frank Sinatra:
Feat: Alyssa Exler (Vocal).

Jazz A: Absoludicrous - Gordon Goodwin
Feat: Peter Ye, Sean Greenfield.
Jazz Choir: Silver bells - Kirby Shaw.
Jazz A & B: Frosty The Snowman - Mike Lewis


Generation Next Mvt.1 - First Run (1/29/18)
ADLA West Covina - Genration Next (3/3/18)
Generation Next Full Gym Rehearsal (3/18/18)
Generation Next at Cajun High School (3/24/18)
Generation Next Lunctime Performance Multi-Cam (3/28/18)

Spring Concert

Concert Band: Introduction and Star Spangled Banner
Concert Band: Mad Anthony - Aּּndrew Balent
Concert Band: Rhythm of the Winds - Frank Erikson
Concert Band: Ave Vernum Corpus - Mozart
Wind Symphony: Toccata for Band
Wind Symphony: Prelude and Fugue in D Minor - Bach

Miscellaneous Events

OPHS Drumline: Winter Rally (12/1/17)
A Trumpet Player's Promposal: Can't Take My Eyes Off You & La Vie en Rose - Aviv Maish & Marching Band.
Performed as a promposal to Drum Major, Jessica Conway.
Lunchtime Mii Channel Jam Session