Service Hours

How to Get Service Hours

Service hours are time spent helping out the band program or enriching our local community through music

10 service hours are required per semester

Students who forget to bring their instruments to class will get a 1.5-hour deduction from their service hours!


Service Hour Opportunities:

Football Games (1st Semester Only)
  • Play pep tunes and cheer with the marching band
  • Marching band members do not get service hours for home games

Choir Concerts
To get service hours, attend an OPHS concert/production and take a picture of yourself holding a program at the event
Send this picture to  [email protected] along with the name and date of performance
Only 1 allowed per semester

Drama Productions
To get service hours, attend a production (MUST be an OPHS drama production) and take a picture of yourself holding a program at the event
Send this picture to [email protected] along with the name of the performance and the date
Only 1 allowed per semester

Private Lessons
Providing free lessons for younger musicians, especially ones at MCMS
To get service hours recorded, use the attached time tracker to record sessions and get it signed by a parent or band teacher
Turn in your completed time tracker to Katie, or [email protected]

Library Work
If you want to help out in the library for service hours contact our head librarians Katie Inthavong or Saanvi Athota ( [email protected] or [email protected] ) for more information.

If you acquired service hours from a section leader, Mr. Borquez, or a member of IMC, be sure to email Katie at [email protected] and CC the person who assigned the task.

Download Tracking  Sheet

Your service hours may be viewed on this page or through the Charms Point System on your Charms account. If you believe there may be a discrepancy, please contact either Katie Inthavong or your section leader so any mistakes may be corrected.